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Polgara's Kitchen

Sweet Smells Coming From Inside The Kitchen...

Recipes To Share
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Recipes To Try And Share
I Was In The Middle Of Cooking Something One Day And Had A Very Vivid Memory Of Cooking With My Mother In The Kitchen...
~I remember that being one of my favorite things to do, and now that I'm older its more a solo act... It occurred to me that what I really desired to do was to be able to share my cooking adventures with other people and have then share theirs with me... That's why I started this community.

I've always had a natural affinity for cooking and I've always looked at recipes as guidelines to be tailored and refined to a particular taste or goal. Cooking to me is an art and I wanted to share that art. I hope that you will to.

This Community Is Members Only...
~BUT Everyone Is Welcome To Join!
(*~Membership Is Almost Guaranteed!~*)

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So write share your Favorite Recipes or your Newest Adventures In The Cooking World. Ask questions and offer answers to all of your cooking needs. And most of all, Welcome!

Community Rules:

1. I Encourage Posting Of Your Favorite Recipes Or Any New Recipes You've Tried Or Are Trying.
2. As Side-Note To Rule 1. -This Means You Can Review Any Recipe That Someone Else Has Posted As Long As It Isn't Critical Or Offensive To The Original Poster Of The Recipe! (*This Community Is About Discussion Of Good/Bad Recipes And Help When Needed Or Requested!*)
3. Also, You Can Post Older Recipes Even If You Didn't Like Them Because You Want To Know What To Do To Help Or What You Might Have Done Wrong... It Doesn't Matter When They Tried Them, However More Recent Recipes Are Appreciated!
4. Pictures Are Allowed, Even Encouraged!!! But If you have more than 2-3 images place the rest behind an lj-cut so as not to clog up other people's friend's pages.
5. Having Stated All Of That: As With Any Community... All-Out-War Between Member's Is Not Allowed! -Offending Member's are subject to deletion of their posts and altogether removal from the Community.
6. While Opinions are Highly Encouraged, Nasty Comments about Other Member's and their opinions are Not Allowed and the Offending Member's will be subject to the rules above relating to Deleting Comments and Removal from the Community.
7. As Moderator I Reserve The Right to delete posts or remove members if I deem the action necessary. I have also decided to make this community "Friend's Only"... So You Must Be A Member To View The Posts.
8. AND IF I Think Of Anything Else I'll Revise The Rules Later...

All That Being Said...
~Welcome! And I Hope To Get This Community Moving!
(*We Need To Jump-Start This Community!*)